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We're a small American indie game studio. As of yet, we've released two PC games and two mobile games. We're currently working on a new project called Terminal Insanity. It features a novel series of which the first part will come out very, very soon. The second part will come out later this year. This project also includes two video games. Both of these games are under development and will come out a little bit later (2023 - 2024). In parallel, we also make music. Most of that music is for our projects; however, some songs are independent and produced outside of other projects. Sometimes, we work on unrelated projects. A current example of this is Mark (@Mark on Discord), a Discord bot backed by a neural network that constantly tries to learn how to talk like people do and detect their emotional status based on their text communication.

Ongakken is the name of our company dedicated to games and music.

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PS: If you're wondering what Simtoonia means, it's a little "nation" of ours that we're maintaining on Discord. Its name is derived from our parent company, Simtoon Interactive LLC.

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